Terms and Conditions

Dining Options: We offer an array of dining options for your special event including breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and hors d’oeuvres. Select between a buffet or a plated service. All menu details are required at least 10 business days prior to your event. No changes can be made after this deadline. Changes in room arrangements within 72 hours WILL be subject to additional labor charges. Plated meals require an advance order with the exact number of specific meals. Menu options and prices depend on your selection. Due to standard health practices, food paid for but not consumed, will not be permitted to leave the Outlook at the Duncan Center’s premise.
Guarantee: The Duncan Center must receive the guarantee of attendance 72 hours prior to the beginning of your function. This number will be considered a guarantee not subject to reduction, and charges will be made accordingly. In the event that no guarantee is given, the expected number from the BEO will be used. We will charge for the guarantee or the number served, whichever is greater. Seating and food preparation will be provided for 2.5% above the guaranteed attendance for 200 guests or greater. Seating and food preparation will be provided for 5% above the guaranteed attendance for fewer than 200 guests.
Room Fees: A minimum number of 20 dining guests must be guaranteed for the Bradley Room, Barrett Room or the Mulford Room while a minimum of 100 dining guests must be guaranteed for the Outlook. An additional room fee will apply should the guest count be lower, time exceeds allotted amount, or in the case that meals are not purchased for guests. The Duncan Center reserves the right to adjust the room assignment based on the numbers.
(Please Note: Monday through Thursday, minimum count for the Outlook Room is 40 dining guests.)
Deposit: A $500.00 deposit is required to book a reservation for the Outlook; a $250 deposit is required for the Bradley, Barrett or Mulford rooms. This amount is deducted from the final balance.
All Deposits are non-refundable.
Room Decoration: Please make arrangements with the Event Coordinator if you wish to bring or have delivered any decorations for your event. Outlook Events, LLC offers decorating services for your convenience. Prices will vary. Scotch tape, nails, pushpins, or potentially damaging fasteners may not be used to hang materials to walls. In NO circumstance will glitter, confetti, bubbles or fog machines be permitted in the Duncan Center. There will be an additional automatic $100 custodial fee for use of glitter, confetti, bubbles or if more than the standard cleanup is required at the close of the function. Fog machines and open flames are prohibited. The person responsible for the banquet will be held accountable for damages of Outlook Events, LLC and the Duncan Center.
Audio/Visual Equipment: Outlook Events, LLC is happy to provide any specific equipment/services for your audio/visual needs. A $25 charge will apply for the use of each LCD projector.
Wedding Cakes: Outlook Events, LLC can recommend several local businesses that create beautiful and delicious wedding cakes should you choose. If you wish to provide your own, we require it be made and delivered by a licensed and insured vendor. Outlook Events, LLC charges a cake cutting fee of $60.
Event Cakes (Sheet Cakes): Outlook Events, LLC provides decorated cakes for specific events should you desire. Cake prices vary. In the event that a cake is brought in, Outlook Events, LLC charges $25 for a cake table, linen, plates, utensils, cake cutting service, etc.
Contractual Liability: Outlook Events, LLC will not be held liable for failure to meet contract due to conditions beyond its control such as labor troubles, disputes, strikes, acts of God, etc.

Alcohol: It is the responsibility of the banquet host to insure that no one under the age of 21 drinks alcoholic beverages. It is further understood that an affair can be terminated if anyone under the age of 21 is found with alcohol. The employees who serve alcoholic beverages have been instructed to refuse to serve the same to any person requesting service in violation of the law; or whenever the person requesting service has (in the employee’s unrestricted judgment) consumed an excessive amount of alcohol within a given time period. Such refusal shall at all times be respected and complied by the person, his/her family, and guests.
Cancellation Policy: Outlook Events, LLC does not allow for cancellation without compensation for damages and lost revenue. Functions canceled will be subject to charges indicated below:
Event cancels between 2 and 6 months prior to the event date will be charged 10% of final bill
Event cancels within 2 months of event, one half of the final bill needs to be paid
Event is canceled within two weeks of the event date, the entire bill needs to be paid in full.
Final Bill: The final number of guests must be guaranteed 3 business days prior to function. This guaranteed number is what you will be billed. If your number increases unexpectedly, we will be happy to accommodate the overage with an equal or comparable meal, and bill you accordingly.
Returned Checks: Outlook Events, LLC charges a $30.00 returned check fee.
All food and beverage charges are subject to a 20% service charge.
Payment: Outlook Events, LLC requires a $2,500 payment four months prior to the event.
Final Payment: Full payment is due a minimum of three business days prior to the event. Additional charges may be due at the conclusion of the function. Credit Card information must be left in advance. Additional charges may consist of additional cleaning, additional time, additional meals served, bar tabs, etc.
Pre-payment may be arranged.
Credit Card Payment: Outlook Events, LLC charges a 3% administrative credit card processing fee for any payments made by credit card.
Outstanding Balances: Outlook Events, LLC charges a 10% penalty on outstanding balances 14 days past due. In addition, Outlook Events, LLC charges 12% interest on ALL outstanding balances.
All food and beverage prices are subject to change without notice.
Please Note: We will not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any property left at The Duncan Center prior, during, or following a banquet, meeting or function. Everything must be removed from The Duncan Center prior to the conclusion of the event. Anything left behind is considered unwanted and not the responsibility of Outlook Events, LLC.